summer internship hackathon

In 2016, Agileana (in collaboration and coordination with inQbation, Balystic, and Swapps) planned, sponsored, and coordinated a historic Summer Internship Hackathon attended by twelve of the best and brights 2016 graduates of the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST Class of ’16). We taught these amazing prodigies about Agile, scrum, and Kanban. We practiced agile while we worked on a couple projects including SEO Quotient (SEOQ) and the 7D Hub. We believe these young, promising adults will benefit throughout their university experiences and career the fundamentals in Agile and team work that they learned during this 2016 Summer Internship Hackathon. We hope that they will look back on this summer and realize how valuable it was to the foundation of their professional lives.