Inqbation Summer Internship at Agileana Day 17

Hello everyone-

Today at the Summer Internship Hackathon, the traction team focused on getting the new SEOQ pages out for development and discussing business models for using the tool and its features.

We discussed the pages we designed in Balsamiq with Jenny and Michael and decided to take a lean approach to getting them designed and developed, Michael will send us the homepage by the end of the day so we can forward it along to Karen to put up on the website and we will get the rest of the pages by Friday to finish it all up then. Problem solving!

During lunch we sorted out all the possible business models for charging for the SEOQ tool and its features. So far we have twelve different ideas of how to get revenue by giving customers and users add-ons. We need to consolidate and keep organizing our business model and plan so I look forward to working more on that tomorrow.

Have a great afternoon!

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