Sprint Planning, SEO Algorithm, and Majestic

The past two days were consumed with sprint planning, algorithm planning, and getting more Majestic data! Monday morning, we spent almost the entire day planning our two week sprint. It was a little different this time though, because we played product owner and decided which stories to take on and prioritized the stories ourselves. After that, we got started on the number one priority, which was taking all the modules we had coded and making it into an algorithm. We all sat together and came up with a basic way of making the SEO quotient and came to an agreement on a baseline algorithm. Kunal started coding it today!

Today, I worked on helping to organize the output into meaningful data for the consumer according to the 7 C’s of SEO created by Blake, and getting more data from Majestic to fulfill the 7 C’s of SEO. Jessie had a conversation with Blake and we all decided to add more modules/stories so that the 7 C’s of SEO can be a substantial way of organizing information. I got the Referring IP’s, Trust Flow of domains (their reliability according to Majestic), and the BackLinkData. However, it BackLinkData only gives 100 back links, making analyzing the anchor text for keywords more difficult. I will sort through that problem tomorrow!


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