The Agile Podcast
Responding to change in good times and bad

The world is changing so much, so quickly, that being agile is becoming very important for everybody, especially now with the global pandemic. The Agile Podcast explores the stories and people with an agile mindset. It is a show that talks about how an agile culture can help companies deliver products faster and better. We talk about how being agile can help people and organizations survive in bad times and thrive in good times .


An agilist since 1989, Blake Newman is the co-founder of Agileana, a lean and agile tech company based in Washington DC. He is also the host of The Agile Podcast where he talks about how an agile mindset can help people and companies navigate technological and economic change.

Prior to this, Blake has been a paratrooper in the 82d Airborne Division, an Infantry Captain, a software engineer working at the Army Operations Center in the Pentagon, and a computer scientist at the Defense Information Systems Agency.

Blake became a serial entrepreneur in 1995 when he left corporate life to become founder of which he sold in 2005. He founded inQbation in 2007 and Agileana in 2015. He co-founded Swapps in 2017 and The Agile Podcast in 2020.


Brie Ripley is a multimedia content creator, digital strategist, and radio producer. She has a background in digital strategy, social media marketing, and content production for NPR stations, podcasts, and Emmy-nominated documentary films. Brie loves helping new podcasters get their ideas off the ground.

Brie loves working on podcasts, made-for-Internet videos, TV and film marketing, social media strategy, GIFS, and digital collages. Brie previously worked for NPR affiliates in Washington state and Montana, and for Vulcan Productions, the late Microsoft co-founder Paul G. Allen’s documentary film and virtual reality production company. Lately, her work consists of digital project management, online audience engagement and metric analyses for global health research based in Seattle. You can find Brie on Linkedin or her website.

Hans Anderson, radio producer


Hans Anderson is an incredibly talented audio producer and journalist who has worked in public radio for the past decade.

While he currently lives in Seattle, Washington, he served a tour of duty in Washington, DC working for NPR and WAMU 88.5.

Hans has mastered the art of acts and tracks radio production that he has used to weave storylines in The Agile Podcast. His exceptional work is a joy to consume and inspirational to aspiring radio and podcast producers.

We doubt that Hans had ever heard of concepts like scrum, backlog grooming, technical debt, Kanban, Drupal, and Backdrop CMS but he is pretty much an expert in these now. You can find Hans on Linkedin.

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