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inQbation (now doing business as Agileana) was founded in Santa Monica, California with the purpose of helping startups get started.  inQbation was an incubator and accelerator of business ideas. Leveraging Lean Startup and Agile development principles, we helped catapult and scale businesses from concept through proof of concept to thriving organizations. We relocated to the Washington DC metro area in an effort to help transform how government agencies design and develop their information systems, applications, and websites. In 2015, based on feedback from our customers, we rebranded from inQbation to Agileana.

Agileana is a lean, agile, web development firm in the DC metro area holding a GSA Schedule 70, an 18F Agile Services BPA, and years of experience working with government agencies and non-profit organizations including the World Bank, NASA, White House, State Department, Forest Service, and Georgetown University. Our core competencies include agile coaching, agile development, responsive design, user centered design (UCD), DevOps, Section 508, growth hacking, and open source technologies.  We are also proficient in planning and executing hackathons, that attract hundreds of developers, to rapidly develop minimum viable products (MVPs).

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Although we got our start helping startups get started, we felt compelled to help transform the way government websites get built. So, our client base began to shift from 100% commercial to 100% government and nonprofit.

Past clients include National Public Radio (NPR), National Hiking Society, So Others Might Eat (SOME), 4H Council, The White House, District of Columbia, City of New York, NASA, GSA, Department of State, Department of Defense, World Bank, Georgetown University, George Mason University, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), REI Systems, ARES Corporation, Decision Lens, and FHI 360.

Past projects include Data.gov, USAspending.gov, RestoreTheGulf.gov, Performance.gov, Open-DC.gov, Fulbright Scholar Program, and English Language Programs.

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