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We believe that work should be fulfilling, uplifting, inspiring, and meaningful.  Life is too short to tolerate a toxic environment, crappy clients, and assholes for bosses and co-workers.  We don’t put up with that and neither should you.

Agileana is a company with an inspiring purpose. We want to reduce waste, fraud, and abuse within the federal government by delivering great value and not being one of the beltway bandits that make money on change orders.

We have a creative and dynamic work environment. We have an innovation lab, called inQbation Labs, that encourages product development and ideas from anybody. If you have ever thought about starting your own business, inQbation Labs is the place to do it. inQbation Labs is an accelerator and incubator of startups. We help startups get started. We want employees and partners with an entrepreneurial passion.

We strive to create leadership opportunities for people who want to lead. While scrum teams are self-organizing, that doesn’t mean that there is no place for leadership. Quite the opposite, actually. Everybody on a self-organizing team must be a leader and must take turns being a leader. Leaders need to be cultivated and developed. If we always have the same leader and if that leader is too dominant and opinionated, then there is no room for other leaders to grow. We strive to create an environment where new leaders can emerge, develop, and grow.

We’re always looking for passionate, friendly, dedicated people to join our team.  If you have passion, if you embrace agile, if you want to help make government work better so we can serve the citizens of the United States more efficiently and more effectively, then contact us.

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