Growth hacking strategies from Sydney Miller at Agileana


Today at the summer internship hackathon, the traction team was very busy. We started the day by rearranging our office space and grabbing a few extra monitors to increase our productivity. It worked!

After the morning stand up, I worked on emailing the contact list of SEO pros for the SEO Quotient product. We are continuing the growth hacking strategy of sending different emails and analyzing the response rate to  determine the most successful.

I got a few replies and well as a positive response from the Search Engine People blog about the possibility of a guest post. During lunch, I snapped a few photos of the Saas Team working on Balystic to upload to Instagram and Facebook. We need to work on increasing our follower count for Twitter and Instagram. Challenge accepted!

Best news of the day: my previous blog post got featured on the Growth Hacker News twitter. We all favorited and shared like crazy. Thanks to everyone who helped!
Make it a great day!

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