Majestic API Polishing and Agile Sprint Planning

Last week at the end of the week I just finished polishing up my Majestic code. This became difficult with Jose’s refactoring because his code worked within the Django framework while mine and the team’s code just existed in a separate scripts folder. We couldn’t figure out how to work with Jose’s code in time for the demo so we just hardcoded some of the variables and used our old methods in a larger file to show for Friday’s demo.

Today, we had Jose! But we were missing Pranav. We started off at 10 AM with sprint planning and planned really thoroughly what we were going to do the next week. We are definitely diving right into the hard stuff this week. Having Jose there to help sprint plan was so great because he could chime in with how difficult tasks would be and how to prioritize as well, and brought great insight to the table. Next, we split each of the stories into tasks like we did last week and put them on the kanban board. After lunch I finished the analysis of backlink TLD story as it was one of the easiest ones to get done. Tomorrow, onto more heavy lifting!


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