Modeling Modular Modules

Today we got into full speed on our week three sprint. Our goal is to build the new with a modular design such that we can test how google plays with the various factors of SEO as well as act on new intelligence about the google algorithm. This is one major factor that other SEO tools lack. They do not allow the user to change the factors that are going into the SEO algorithm at all and thus are also unable to properly adapt to Google’s changing algorithm.

Kunal and I have been writing python scripts that interact with the qscraper and did analysis on 4 of the most important factors yesterday. The other members of the team are working with Majestic in order to get backlink data as well as working to integrate the tool into 7DHub. We are making great progress on our sprint and I am optimistic about our ability to get things done by the end of the week.

Today was good. Tomorrow will be better.

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