Growth Hacking at the Summer Internship Hackathon

Hi there everyone!

This week at Agileana, Farhan and I have been working on the Balystic (online community management platform) marketing page. I am an admin on the WordPress powered site and have learned how to make edits and change the way the webpage looks as well as its content! I think it’s improved a lot since we’ve begun work on Monday. I worked for awhile on graphics and logos and we both worked with Pipe to get the home page up and running. We are currently working on making the sign up forms and buttons work to ensure that people can get in contact with us about our new product.

In terms of SEOQ (seo analysis tool and community), Farhan and I had sent our Balsamiq wireframes to Michael to beautify, and then to Karen to code and the staging site looks wonderful! I am proud of how far we’ve come.

Have a great day!

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