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Agileana Summer Internship Update

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Hey everyone! Today at Agileana, I tested six user stories for the SaaS Team working on Balystic. It was pretty cool to see their progress even though the web app is still in staging. In terms of traction, I sent out the last round of emails to the SEO Pros, covering for Farhan so he … Continued

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Growth Hacking at Agileana by Sydney Miller

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Hi everyone- Today at the Agileana Summer Internship Hackathon, I got a few quick tasks out of the way this morning like making a Google Slides template for our Friday retrospective and working on my 7 C’s of SEO blogging. I have to say that my favorite part of the day is writing and formatting my blog … Continued

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7 C’s of SEO™ by Blake Newman

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7 C’s of Search Engine Optimization™ by Blake Newman Crawlability Credibility Code Content Conversion Conversation Competition Crawlability – Can your site be crawled? Are you allowing robots? Are you encouraging robots? Are there links within your website to key sections of the site, e.g., is there a link to the blog? Is content being blocked … Continued

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Google PageRank

Google’s May Day renders PageRank impotent

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WASHINGTON, DC – SEO buzz seems to indicate that Google’s May Day algorithm change has negatively affected many websites that were gaming the system. Well, if you were to poll about 100 search engine optimization (SEO) professionals at their next convention, most of them would have said (or continue to say) that inbound links, or … Continued

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