Agileana Summer Internship Update

Hey everyone!

Today at Agileana, I tested six user stories for the SaaS Team working on Balystic. It was pretty cool to see their progress even though the web app is still in staging.

In terms of traction, I sent out the last round of emails to the SEO Pros, covering for Farhan so he could work on the homepage facelift for SEO Quotient. We had a morning video conference with Jenny to hash out some design ideas and wireframes for SEOQ in hopes of lowering our website bounce rate.

I added the SEO tips submitted by a pro to our blog on SEOQ and worked on my own blog for a bit. I finished my 7 C’s of SEO blog post, submitted it to the first guest blog, and now I’m waiting for some feedback. I started the Balystic development team spotlights on Instagram. Chris was my first shout out and I am getting pretty good at using hashtags to get likes and followers.

Anyway, have a great evening!

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