No Warranties, Express or Implied

The work we do at Agileana involves information technology and computer science. Science, itself, is an intellectual activity that encompasses the systematic study through observation and experiment. These experiments require trial and error. This is not to imply that we do not have a Quality Assurance (QA) program or practice quality management. We do. However, the nature of our work in inherently error-prone.

We rely on open source software, which is software created by a community of volunteer knowledge workers. Our use of open source software saves you money in the long-run. But, there is a short-term cost to using open source software. That cost comes in the form of unexpected irregularities, regression errors, and unintended side-effects that need to be routinely resolved and remediated.

The kind of work we do is inherently different from most other kinds of work in that change is constant and inevitable, no two websites or web apps are the same, and many variables exist which are both known and unknown. 

We liken these known and unknown variables to aerospace engineering. Much of this work is based on theory, science, experimentation, trial, and error. Failures are inevitable and the hope is that lessons are learned from these trials and errors. Because no two websites or web applications are exactly alike, every project or program we undertake is very much like its own unique venture into outer space and we should expect, accept, and tolerate a degree of failure, bugs, and errors.

As systems integrators, we are often combining different kinds of open source software, which exponentially increases the number of variables and potential incompatibilities. When code is merged, unintended side effects may happen.

Our priority, and first response, is to troubleshoot, isolate, and remediate these side effects and return the system to normal. The work that we do is in good faith and in your best interest. While errors and omissions are likely, they are inherent to the experimental nature and science of the web and open source software development.

In order to keep our rates lean and competitive, we invoice for all work done, regardless of the issue or cause. For these reasons, we offer no warranties, express or implied.

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