We are hiring: Triple Certified Drupal Expert

Agileana L.C. seeks a Triple Certified Drupal Expert to design/ maintain information technology (IT) systems and applications for United States federal agencies; identify/ analyze complex software, data processing and interfaces issues; direct IT team activities; coordinate tasks with engineers, developers and managers; develop troubleshot solutions to resolve projects failures; monitor software performance and improvements needs; supervise Sr. Developers & DevOps Engineers. Requirements: 60 months of experience as Software Engineer/ Designer; Drupal Developer or related, and Acquia Certified Site Builder Drupal; Acquia Certified Developer Drupal; Acquia Certified Front End Specialist Drupal; Acquia Certified Back End Specialist Drupal. Resumes Attn: B. Newman 42400 Willow Creek Way, Brambleton, VA, 20148.

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