Growth Hacking at Agileana by Sydney Miller

Hi everyone-

Today at the Agileana Summer Internship Hackathon, I got a few quick tasks out of the way this morning like making a Google Slides template for our Friday retrospective and working on my 7 C’s of SEO blogging. I have to say that my favorite part of the day is writing and formatting my blog post during my down time at work.

I contacted a few guest blogging websites to pitch my idea. Fingers crossed!

Farhan and I had a lunch meeting with Jenny about who would be in charge of the social media accounts. We decided to split it up by brand name. I’m now in charge of the Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram for Balystic.

Blake and I brainstormed key words and KPIs for the Twitter website cards which we are in the progress of making. I need to get the login information and a budget from him to finish up that task.

We are planning on sending out the second round of emails for the SEO Quotient campaign tomorrow.

Oh happy day!

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