Friday at the Summer Internship Hackathon

Hi there!

Today at Agileana, I started writing a blog on the Seven C’s of SEO. We need to blog on guest blogging websites in order to get back links and get people talking about SEO Quotient I am planning to reach out to guest blogs on Tuesday and ask them if I can post twice a week, covering each of the C’s. Blake suggested that I work on improving my new LinkedIn Profile before getting in touch with the blogging sites, so I spent awhile working on that. I began work on the actual blog post in the crawlability section. We did the KPI stats at 1 pm since it was Friday.

During the Friday retrospective, I asked the rest of the team to connect with me and endorse me on LinkedIn as well as invite people to like our Facebook pages and follow our Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Have a great weekend!

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