Finishing Sprint 2 of the Summer Hackathon

Last week, on Thursday and Friday, the Tool Team finished our second sprint! Pranav and I put some final touches on the Google Local Listing method and did more extensive testing. We finally settled on an SEO algorithm that retrieved accurate responses for most businesses, except for some large ones that are linked to by many random organizations. But, for local businesses, it worked. Yay! Then on Friday we pretty much spent most of our time getting ready for the demo and deploying this code to the server. Jose helped us set up our environments with a new repository, and from there we were able to host our demo on on the reports page we built as part of our sprint. Our demo went pretty well except when some of the Majestic data seemed incorrect. I will look into the code tomorrow to make sure that it is retrieving Majestic data correctly, and to try to identify if the code is incorrect or if it was just displayed incorrectly. That is it for Sprint Two, onto a faster sprint!


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