Figuring out Majestic API

Over the past two days I worked with the Majestic API. It took a while to figure out how to implement it. But it helped a lot once we found the Majestic GitHub account. In the account, there were a few code examples of how to connect Python to the API. I copied this script and put in our API Key. From there, it took a bit of research to figure out what methods to use.

I started off using the GetBackLinkData file to get that data, but soon realized that this file returned more complex information than I needed. I looked on the developer API tab on Majestic and looked at the tab for GetIndexItemInfo, which returned basic information like number of external backlinks and the quality of these backlinks in an xml table. The next obstacle was to figure out how to parse these tables. I eventually figured this out by putting print statements everywhere in the GitHub code to figure out what was happening. Then finally, it worked! And it was ready for testing!


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