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WordPress is still the most popular CMS 13 years later

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WASHINGTON, DC – As a web development agency in the Washington DC metro area, we get a ton of Requests for Proposals (RFPs) from government agencies and federally funded nonprofit organizations. While many of them are to support an existing Drupal website, a lot of them are also to convert from Drupal to WordPress or … Continued

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WordPress for Government and Enterprise Summit

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WASHINGTON, DC – May 6, 2014 – inQbation was fortunate enough to have been invited to  the first WordPress for Government and Enterprise summit, an exclusive event held in Washington DC at Chief, to hear from Matt Mullenweg, (@photomatt) co-founder of WordPress & founder & CEO of Automattic, his ideas about how government websites can be better and … Continued

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Custom web development and design is out, pre-designed WordPress templates are in

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WASHINGTON DC WordPress Designer and Drupal Developer, inQbation. I have long suspected that custom web design is on the way out and is being replaced by more cost-effective pre-designed templates that can be quickly and easily customized and tailored. Google trends pretty much sums it up.  Since 2005, searches for web design has steadily dropped … Continued

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Matt Mullenweg – State of the Nation: WordPress 2011

Matt Mullenweg – State of the Nation: WordPress 2011

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Syndicated from State of the Word Posted August 19, 2011 by Matt Mullenweg. This has been an exciting year for WordPress, powering 14.7% of the top million websites in the world, up from 8.5% last year. The latest data show 22 out of every 100 new active domains in the US are running WordPress. WP first … Continued

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