Enterprise Drupal vs. WordPress VIP: What to Choose in 2021?

WordPress and Drupal are two of the many content management solutions available and most preferred in the open-source space. People have been disagreeing for years about which CMS is more secure, or which is easier to use, or which has better plugins and modules. Both are building out capabilities and offering services; which is better is only a matter of preference for many. However, we are here to consider them from a business point of view. Enterprise Drupal and WordPress VIP are the extensions of the CMSs offered to guarantee performance and support. 

Let’s dive into these business affairs of the open-source community. 

First, What is WordPress VIP and Drupal Enterprise?

Drupal Enterprise is a new standard for enterprise content management in Drupal. It includes Multi-Domain, Country, and Language Handling, Content Moderation Workflow, Document & Digital Asset Management, as well as the flexible Drupal 8 Integration capabilities for third-party systems. It enables you to enjoy the flexibility of Drupal Core and the power of integrated and ready-made enterprise solutions.

Catering to the demanding business needs, Drupal Enterprise CMS (DE-CMS) enables developers to bring in powerful solutions on a lightweight framework, extended documentation, and best breed applications for building working solutions. Taking this step, Acquia (built on Drupal by the founder of Drupal – Dries Buytaert), embraced innovation to deliver exceptional digital experiences and create customer moments that matter. 

On the other hand, WordPress VIP is a premium option provided for the users of WordPress.com. It comes with a pre-built ecosystem that makes complex business cases powerfully simple. From personalization and localization to packaging them into an elegant product, WordPress VIP serves it all. It can power even the most complex digital experiences like a breeze and be geared towards established sites. 

The sole aim of the system is to provide you tools that will keep your business at the top. Popular giants such as the Hachette Book Group, Variety, Deadline, and the New York Post use WordPress VIP services. However, the benefits aren’t upfront and exclusive, and you’d have to submit an application with WordPress where the services will be tailored according to each client’s requirements.

Comparison: Drupal vs. WordPress from a Business Perspective

Well, that was the fundamental understanding of the WordPress VIP and Enterprise Drupal. In case you want to choose between the two, it is essential to look into the power it will grant your business and how well it is suited for your organization’s stipulations. 


WordPress’s ecosystem provides the platform you need to get to market faster. The WordPress VIP was launched with the sole aim to serve with additional flexibility and premium services to higher profiles and traffic seeking sites.

With Enterprise Drupal, you can have built-in support for Node.js, where a single platform to create projects with back-end Drupal applications and server-side rendered front-end applications can be allowed. With Acquia, you can manage hundreds of sites from a single platform, building Drupal-based experiences. 

The basic difference between the scalability of the two CMSs is – WordPress scalability improves with more plugins while Drupal requires more and better development practices. It is quite known that Drupal was built with a broad landscape of community support around large-scale projects. 


WordPress VIP provides plenty of advanced functionality, such as integration with Facebook Instant Articles and Google AMP. It follows the pre-deploy code review process, meaning every code is vetted before deployment for quality coding and efficiency. This makes the code more structured and less room for error.

Drupal Enterprise with Acquia is for businesses looking to get the most from their Drupal deployment. Acquia Lightning provides a Drupal distribution that combines the Drupal platform’s functionality with a curated selection of modules, themes, libraries, and configurations, enabling developers to build better Drupal sites faster. Further, Acquia also provisions point-and-click functionality letting digital teams customize the site according to the target audience’s intent and interests.

Both the platforms are well established on the functionality front. It all comes down to your development capabilities. Drupal is a feature-rich CMS with the ability to cater to hyper-specific needs; WordPress VIP comes in easily and requires far less development experience.


WordPress VIP doesn’t allow any code changes without the review team being involved, ensuring your code’s security, and the consistency of speed of the site. This also extends to adding themes and plugins; only whitelisted ones can be added without review. So, the entire ecosystem of WordPress VIP ensures a reliable platform for you to enjoy.

Drupal’s security was the cornerstone of the platform from day one. It took a step forward and promised a more secure and flexible platform for content-rich commerce with Enterprise Drupal. As an organization, you can easily integrate the premium services of Enterprise Drupal to take the security of your site to the next level.  


WordPress VIP demands a considerable budget to even get in the game. Though, once you’re on their platform, it does provide top-of-the-line performance, support, and features at your disposal. Ultimately, your business needs to consider the tradeoff between cost and the many features of WordPress VIP. With Drupal 9 being launched, the robust architecture of Enterprise Drupal becomes more reliable and an excellent aspirant for enterprises of any scale or vertical. 

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