WordPress is still the most popular CMS 13 years later

WASHINGTON, DC – As a web development agency in the Washington DC metro area, we get a ton of Requests for Proposals (RFPs) from government agencies and federally funded nonprofit organizations. While many of them are to support an existing Drupal website, a lot of them are also to convert from Drupal to WordPress or from some other content management system (CMS) to WordPress.

We find this interesting because WordPress started out more of a simple publishing platform for bloggers and writers. People like it because it was quick and easy to stand up and publish web pages. However, what it seemed to lack was serious development power and technical sophistication to produce functionality above and beyond blogging.

Over time, thousands of developers have collaborated to produce hundreds of plug-ins to provide functionality for just about anything you can imagine. WordPress continues to mature and develop in technical prowess, cyber security, and sophistication. So, it is no wonder that over a decade later, while Joomla and Drupal have both seen their day in the sun, WordPress continues to hang on and remain the indisputable most popular content management system on the planet.

So hesitate no further if you’re searching for the right CMS for your website, take the leap and give us a call. We’re here to help you.

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