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The Importance of Setting Client Expectations (in Agile)

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You start your work day as usual. Pour yourself some freshly-brewed coffee, sit down at your computer, and check your emails. You see a new one from your most recent client, about the last sprint you just completed for them. You open it and your eyes are greeted by the following: “Great job on the … Continued

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Sprint Retrospectives as a vehicle for continuous improvement

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Agile is not just a great methodology for implementing complex projects, it also helps solving operational problems and developing best practices. While the Sprint Planning, Standup, Sprint Review and Backlog Grooming meetings are focused on the project, the Sprint Retrospective is focused on improving the way the team executes their sprint for the purpose of continuous improvement. This meeting is scheduled at … Continued

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The power of a user story

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Comic by Scott Adams User stories are critical artifacts in any Agile project. It allows stakeholders communicate their requirements to the development team in an integral fashion. But why are user stories so powerful? Because they communicate the purpose of a requirement from the user’s point of view. Say that you own a very popular news website … Continued

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SEO Analysis Algorithm Building

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Today Joyce, Kunal, Jessie, and I split up to make some meaningful progress on SEOQ.com. Jessie and Kunal spent time on the user interface and data visualization, Joyce and I got into the details of the actual algorithm that will provide the service. We are taking into account a variety of SEO factors but trying … Continued

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