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User Stories: the importance of knowing the WHY

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In the last few days I’ve been reminded of the importance of writing user stories for requirements, and more importantly, on teaching our clients of their importance. In November of last year, the client started creating a list of requirements on a spreadsheet.  Since they are not completely trained in Agile, the list of requirements … Continued

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7 Product Dimensions for User Stories

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This month I was going to do the usual, write a summary about the Scrum Alliance webinar for March which was: Make Your User Stories ‘Ready’ to Get to ‘Done’, by Ellen Gottesdiener, from EBG. Instead, I decided to make this one shorter and discuss one of the key subjects she discussed: 7 product dimensions. … Continued

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Kanban as an alternative to do Agile in unpredictable projects

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Recently, in one of our projects for the State Department, we released a very important feature to support the review process of projects they develop around the world with embassies and local institutions. We were using Scrum and it was working great. As you may know, in Scrum, the user stories are locked within the sprint, … Continued

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The power of a user story

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Comic by Scott Adams User stories are critical artifacts in any Agile project. It allows stakeholders communicate their requirements to the development team in an integral fashion. But why are user stories so powerful? Because they communicate the purpose of a requirement from the user’s point of view. Say that you own a very popular news website … Continued

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