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Agile Development: The Importance of Timeboxing

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When agile teams plan sprints, they strive to get as much information about the user stories as possible so they can minimize interruptions and downtime throughout that sprint. So, it is helpful to have shorter (one-week) sprints rather than longer (three-week) sprints. It is important to have done a good job of story-time and backlog … Continued

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The power of a user story

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Comic by Scott Adams User stories are critical artifacts in any Agile project. It allows stakeholders communicate their requirements to the development team in an integral fashion. But why are user stories so powerful? Because they communicate the purpose of a requirement from the user’s point of view. Say that you own a very popular news website … Continued

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Sprint Two: Profile Picture

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Day 7 was the first day of the second sprint – which meant starting again on a new aspect coding all over again. Today I tackled profile pictures for Balyistic – the community management tool – and general picture uploading and cropping – pairing with Jenny through the process. Jenny was looking into documentation on cropping … Continued

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Sprint Planning: SaaS Registration and Profiles

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Herndon, Virginia; Summer Internship Hackathon Day 6 of the summer internship was a lot of intense python programming yet again. We made a lot of progress on Baylistic – the community management tool – in terms of registration. We got dual registration – either phone or email, working. That was more complicated than I know … Continued

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Agile methodology of web development

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Agile Development Process Why use agile development methodology? Agile minimizes risk Lean Startup = Agile Development Agile contracts Agile focuses on results and low-hanging fruit Agile principles Problems with Agile development methodology How agile development works Fixed price contracts require fixed scope of work and acceptance standards inQbation Labs and the agile development process Agile … Continued

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