Summer Internship Hackathon Traction Update

Hi there!

Today at the Summer Internship Hackathon we had another quick meeting with Blake this morning to catch Farhan up with everything. I’m glad he’s back! We split the list of emails and blog websites up between the four of us to divide and conquer, with Blake taking the second connections on LinkedIn so he could use the IMail. Blake made Justin and Farhan new emails as well, except Farhan had to change his name to Freddie.

I sent out all my emails about SEOQuotient this morning and have two replies so far! I started doing research on my assigned blog sites, and reading some of the content already on them. Most of the sites seem quite competitive, but I will do my best. We are going to try to have six blog posts up per person by this Friday. I’m going to start writing tonight!
Have a great afternoon

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