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The actual cost of buying a commercial WordPress theme

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WordPress out of the box comes with a pretty decent theme from the security and technical standpoint, but it works for a blog site, not for a marketing site. There are many websites out there that sell WordPress themes with wonderful design and features. They promise custom home pages, product/service pages, integration with other services … Continued

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Photos of WordPress WordCamp Miami 2014

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Last weekend inQbation attended the 5th annual WordCamp event in Miami. Here are some of the photos we took during the event. Below is the cover presentation of John James Jacoby, BuddyPress and bbPress lead developer, who gave a presentation about the history of those two projects. Seven members of inQbation attended Miami Wordcamp. We took advantage of the great networking opportunities to promote our most … Continued

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Drag-and-drop content layouts in WordPress

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WordPress is a great Content Management System (CMS), but it often falls short when dealing with pages (or posts) that require a layout different than a linear one. Fortunately, WordPress is very flexible in terms of extensibility, allowing the developers around the world to create plugins that improve or add new features to the CMS. For … Continued

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WordPress web design: HEP data

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Leesburg, VA – inQbation is pleased to announce the launch of HEP Data, a WordPress-driven website. Every day, HEP’s matching gift, wealth identification, and data cleansing products provide solutions for the data needs of nonprofits and educational institutions throughout the United States and Canada — helping them to raise more money by using their data … Continued

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How to add a target _blank on a WordPress menu item

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The new features of WordPress 3.x are great and allow us to customize the websites and manage the content flexibly. The Menus module is one of those wonderful features, but by default, it doesn’t allow to specify some attributes of the  menu items, like the “target”. In my opinion, the WordPress administration area design is … Continued

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