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The actual cost of buying a commercial WordPress theme

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WordPress out of the box comes with a pretty decent theme from the security and technical standpoint, but it works for a blog site, not for a marketing site. There are many websites out there that sell WordPress themes with wonderful design and features. They promise custom home pages, product/service pages, integration with other services … Continued

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Pleased to announce the relaunch of Leahy Wealth Management

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WASHINGTON, DC WordPress Developer – 18 Dec 2013 – inQbation, a WordPress shop in Washington DC is pleased to announce the launch of Leahy Wealthy Management. This WordPress web design took less than a month from start to finishy. Robert Leahy is the Founder and CEO of Leahy Wealth Management Group. He is also a … Continued

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The Linus Group: Life science and biotechnology marketing

The Linus Group: Life science and biotechnology marketing

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Washington DC WordPress Developer inQbation is thrilled to announce the launch of TheLinusGroup.com, an Emeryville, California Science Marketing Agency.  While most firms contact inQbation for its web design talent and usability skills, The Linus Group contracted with inQbation for its WordPress development skills and expertise. In this particular case, inQbation worked with Zack, The Linus … Continued

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