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WordPress winning the CMS wars

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WASHINGTON DC – WordPress expert Joomla has seen its day.  Starting out around 2005, we have seen Joomla reach its high water mark around 2009 and quickly descend.  Drupal peaked around 2010 about the time that WhiteHouse.gov was relaunched in Drupal.  Since then, both are close to bottoming out. Meanwhile, we’ve seen some newcomers in … Continued

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WordPress: Software as a Service (SaaS)

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WordPress in the Cloud What makes Balystic’s WordPress as a Service (WPaaS) so powerful is that it uses cloud technology and Software as a Service (SaaS) to deliver web content management accessible from any device, all the time. You need a website to represent your brand, company, or organization.  WordPress allows you to manage your … Continued

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WordPress is not easy to startup and configure

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People say that WordPress is easy to use.  In fact, they say it is one of the easiest content management systems (CMS) on the planet.  That’s not what I have experienced. On many occasions, I have set up hosting, installed WordPress, bought a great looking WordPress theme, attempted to install that them, and was disappointed … Continued

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WordPress as a Service (WPaaS) Platform for Dentists

WordPress as a Service (WPaaS) Platform for Dentists

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WASHINGTON, DC – inQbation Labs is thrilled to present WordPress as a Service Platform (WPaaSP), WordPress themes for dentists, and WordPress hosting for dentists with the launch and debut of our first website for dentists: AMC Dental Spa in Herndon, Virginia. AMC is a bi-lingual English Spanish dental office offering preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dental … Continued

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