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Joomla has seen its day.  Starting out around 2005, we have seen Joomla reach its high water mark around 2009 and quickly descend.  Drupal peaked around 2010 about the time that WhiteHouse.gov was relaunched in Drupal.  Since then, both are close to bottoming out.

Meanwhile, we’ve seen some newcomers in the way of Weebly, Wix, and Squarespace.  While Wix seems to be the strongest competitor and Squarespace is pouring a ton of advertising dollars into its campaigns; everything pails in comparison to the continued popularity, support, and user base of WordPress.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is one of the easiest content management systems (CSMs) to use. It’s user friendly. It is also a search engine optimization (SEO) machine. It is search friendly. Many of its themes are responsive to mobile devices. It is mobile friendly. And since it is open source, then it is free to download. It is budget friendly. It doesn’t require much technical skills to design and develop. It is designer friendly.

In order to launch a website in WordPress, you need to download the WordPress software. Then, you need to get hosting and install the WordPress software on your server – unless they have a one-click-install. Then, you need to buy or get a WordPress theme, download that theme, and install it on your server. Then, you need to configure the WP theme. Then, you need to come up with your information architecture, taxonomy, and navigation system. Then, you need to create and upload your content. Then, you need to source, find, and procure stock photography. Then, you need to optimize your pages for search engines. Then, you need to link to your social media profiles. Then, you need to modify your social media profiles to match the design of your website.

Fortunately, inQbation Labs through its Balystic digital agency and WordPress as a Service (WPaaS) platform makes all of this simple, fast, easy, and affordable. Balytic‘s WPaaS provides domain name registration, hosting, WP themes, WordPress plugins, information architecture engineering, stock photography database, and pre-written content that is already search engine optimized (SEO) for Google. And, we expedite and automate social media content syndication between your website and social media profiles.

Interested in a WordPress as a Service (WPaaS) solution? Visit Balystic.com to learn more.

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