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Keeping configuration settings up to date in Drupal projects

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Managing configuration settings such as user permissions and system variables is very critical in any web application. In Drupal environments we use these two mechanisms to version those settings and replicate changes automatically across different environments: Drupal features Features is a Drupal module that offers the following benefits: Allow saving settings in code and keeping … Continued

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How to test email notifications in Drupal projects

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Testing email notifications is often challenging because we don’t want to send out testing emails from development and local environments and confuse users. In addition to that, you may want to test headers, subject, body and the overall formatting applied to the information in the message and ensure that it’s readable. There is an easy … Continued

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What is Quality Assurance?

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  Let’s start with the definition: Quality Assurance (or QA) are those activities we do to ensure that whatever project we’re delivering is at the required quality level. Now for most people, those activities are all related to testing. And truthfully, whenever I think of QA and attempt to explain it to someone else, I go … Continued

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Quality Assurance Testing at InQbation

Quality Assurance Testing at InQbation

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Quality assurance testing is a little like plumbing. Most people don’t want to have anything to do with the job, but everyone appreciates when the job is done well and everything works. At inQbation, there are several types of QA testing that we practice, to include stress or load testing, user acceptance testing, regression testing … Continued

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