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5 Free Website Accessibility Evaluation Analysis Tools

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With all these federal standards for website accessibility, including Section 508 and the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), it’s difficult to make sure that your website complies with all the guidelines. Fortunately, there are many free web-based website accessibility evaluation analysis tools right at your disposal. I decided to test each of the tools … Continued

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Best Government Websites: Arkansas.gov

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The government website for the state of Arkansas took User Centered Design (UCD) to another level with its Best of the Web award winning website.  This is what I like about Arkansas.gov: They clearly identified and segmented their target audiences: Parents & Families, Citizens, Business Owners, State Employees They created a modern, visually pleasing, aesthetic … Continued

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Alabama.gov great government web design

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Government websites are not known for their beauty, style, or elegance.  But Alabama.gov demonstrates that government websites do not have to look dull, boring, and ugly.  On the contrary, the Alabama website is quite the opposite – just like it’s tagline: Be Bold. Government websites have strict standards that most commercial websites are not constrained … Continued

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Air Force recruiting

Best Government Websites & Designs

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WASHINGTON, DC – Government websites are not known for their beautiful design.  Unlike many commercial websites, government agency websites must comply with things like Section 508, accessibility, old web browsers, and slow internet connections.  These compliance issues often take a toll on aesthetic design and style.  Moreover, government agencies are not driven by the same … Continued

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Best government websites

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  Fortunately for the citizens and taxpayers of this country, we are starting to see government websites that look and work as beautiful and effective as their non-goverment counterparts.  Just because it is a government website and has to comply with Section 508 for accessibility and be compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE8) doesn’t mean … Continued

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Fulbright logo

Best Government Websites: Fulbright Scholar Program

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WASHINGTON, DC – inQbation, a Washington DC Drupal developer – is pleased to announce the launch of CIES.ORG – Fulbright Scholar Program, A program of the United States Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, administered by the Council for International Exchange of Scholars, a division of the Institute of International Education. CIES.ORG … Continued

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Government website powered by Drupal: ACUS.GOV

Government website powered by Drupal: ACUS.GOV

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WASHINGTON, DC – inQbation is pleased to announce the launch of ACUS.GOV, originally powered by WordPress but converted to Drupal and relaunched in 2013. The Administrative Conference of the United States is an independent federal agency dedicated to improving the administrative process through consensus-driven applied research, providing nonpartisan expert advice and recommendations for improvement of federal … Continued

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Usability analysis and best/worst government websites

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Small Business Adminstration (SBA.GOV) So, I try to log into my account on SBA.GOV (U.S. Small Business Administration) Community of Practice website and, for some reason, my password doesn’t work. So, I ask for a new password and it sends me a link for my new password and warns me that it’s a one-time-only password. … Continued

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