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the rub

How firm fixed price (FFP) rubs against agile

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Firm-Fixed-Price” Ceiling Prices places an undue and unfair risk on the Contractor by shifting the burden to the Contractor. This is the rub with agile development and software development in general because when Customers hire agile Contractors, they expect Contractors to be flexible and agile enough to deal with their changing and evolving requirements. Three … Continued

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What does it mean to be Agile?

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The word “agile” seems ubiquitous.  I hear people talk about it all the time and see “agile” written in requests for proposals (RFPs). In fact, just this week I saw a draft RFP for Agile Services with an estimated value of $100 million.  Needless to say, agile is in high demand.  It’s worth a lot if you know how to do … Continued

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