Summer Hackathon Day 9 & 10

Monday’s at the hackathon are always lively as everyone inQbates (ha) ideas over the weekend and then aims to shoot for excellence throughout the week. This past Friday on the Traction team we had showcased our Key Performance Indicators with the team to show them the pace at which the word was getting out. This led to a broader discussion of which KPIs were relevant and which could be swapped for more meaningful metrics. I have taken the lead to integrate google analytics data into our presentations and that will evident next Friday.

Today Sydney, Jenny and I held a strategizing meeting to solidify our Social Media message. I learnt that it is important to be relevant by constant messaging that is not too invasive but still captures the users attention. It is also important that we use the same key words that our target audience is using so that we remain searchable in plain language. Distinguishing between our target markets was also important for successful implementation. We have also continued emailing possible users and writing guest blog posts so that we can get as many eyeballs on our product as possible.

In week 3, its all hands on deck.


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