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national cyber security awareness month


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The following email at the bottom of this page looks very legitimate, which reveals the level of sophistication that spear phishing has reached.  The accompanying message, directly below, from the FCC is a warning to users who may have come across similar emails. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Network Security Operations Center (NSOC) has identified … Continued

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Shefali Naik

Celebrating work anniversaries: Shefali Naik Paper Anniversary

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We like to celebrate special occasions. But while birthdays are nice, not everybody likes to bring attention to the fact they are one year older. Moreover, reaching yet another year of life is not always an accomplishment worth celebrating at work. Work anniversaries, on the other hand, are definitely worth celebrating. Particularly in the current … Continued

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Checklists are only good if you use them

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Most organizations perform a series or steps of tasks that get repeated from time to time. These scenarios could include: Onboarding new employees, new clients Offboarding former employees, former clients Incident response, disaster recovery Invoicing Installation We strive to continuously improve our business, operations, and standard operating procedures (SOPs) so we can provide better service, … Continued

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cyber crime

Disaster prevention cheaper than disaster recovery

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Breaking and entering into websites for malicious purposes has been and will continue to be a big problem. Particularly with database-driven content management systems such as Drupal and WordPress where known vulnerabilities exist, the risk and probability of intrusion and disruption is high.  The question is not if, but when, your site will be hacked. … Continued

Converting Drupal 6 to 7 to 8

With version 8, Drupal has finally grown up

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Finally, Drupal 8 (D8) is delivering an enterprise level, open source, content management system (CMS) that is satisfying technical expectations and meeting the current needs of bleeding edge technologists. What makes D8 a game-changer includes: Web API and Web Services, which increases Drupal interoperability Mobile-first framework, which makes it easier to be device agnostic Easier … Continued


4 Rules of Git (and the 8 Rules of Fight Club)

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At a recent Drupal GovCon that I attended at the National Institutes of Health Campus in Bethesda Maryland, I sat in on a talk by Daniel Zinkevich of Zivtech (maker of – a tool for automated testing, quality assurance, and continuous integration). Daniel’s tech talk was titled, “Untangling Your Code: A Drupal-Based Git Workflow.”  Good … Continued

Download W-9

How to make PDF Section 508 Compliant

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How to make PDFs 508 Compliant A portable document format (PDF) is a file format created by Adobe to create standard consistency when a document is physically printed from a standard printer.  It is also used to freeze or lock content that should remain intact or in context with other information.  Often, we will post … Continued

Fairfax County Economic Development Authority

What I heard at the Procurement Academy

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Falls Church, Virginia – The Fairfax County Economic Development Authority is holding a series of free seminars around the subject of Procurement and Marketing to federal, state, and local government agencies.  The title of this particularly procurement academy workshop was called, “Marketing and Selling to the Federal Government”.  These are my notes: Speakers: Sharon Jones, Director … Continued

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Cycle for a user centered design approach

Implementing best practices of user-centered design (UCD)

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We believe that user-centered design (UCD) is one of our super powers and a cornerstone of our agile development approach. Agile is, in fact, based almost entirely on user-centered design because it relies on the iterative cycle of listening, building, and deploying. In Scrum, for example, everything revolves around user stories and the fundamental component … Continued

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What flavor is your Agile?

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Some people refer to the various tools, processes, methods, and approaches to agile as flavors of agile. To us, they are quite a bit more complex and nuanced than simply flavors. Like choosing the right tools for the job, we strive to use the most appropriate approach and methodology for the task and environment. Kanban. For example, … Continued

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Prism Kite Technology

What is modernized, mobile, agile, and lean? Russia’s defense.

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When it comes to the right way of doing (agile) software development versus the proven wrong way of (waterfall) software development, we often hear the terms: Strategic Modern Mobile Agile Lean Unconventional So, it was somewhat surprising and interesting when I noticed these words in a CNN article regarding Russia and its Department of Defense. … Continued

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Best Government Websites:

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The government website for the state of Arkansas took User Centered Design (UCD) to another level with its Best of the Web award winning website.  This is what I like about They clearly identified and segmented their target audiences: Parents & Families, Citizens, Business Owners, State Employees They created a modern, visually pleasing, aesthetic … Continued

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Government websites are not known for their beauty, style, or elegance.  But demonstrates that government websites do not have to look dull, boring, and ugly.  On the contrary, the Alabama website is quite the opposite – just like it’s tagline: Be Bold. Government websites have strict standards that most commercial websites are not constrained … Continued

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