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CEO, CTO, Co-Founder, Entrepreneur. Lean startup advocate, agile project manager, Certified Scrum Master. Founded in 1995, inQbation in 2007, in 2015.
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Fairfax County Economic Development Authority

What I heard at the Procurement Academy

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Falls Church, Virginia – The Fairfax County Economic Development Authority is holding a series of free seminars around the subject of Procurement and Marketing to federal, state, and local government agencies.  The title of this particularly procurement academy workshop was called, “Marketing and Selling to the Federal Government”.  These are my notes: Speakers: Sharon Jones, Director … Continued

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Cycle for a user centered design approach

Implementing best practices of user-centered design (UCD)

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We believe that user-centered design (UCD) is one of our super powers and a cornerstone of our agile development approach. Agile is, in fact, based almost entirely on user-centered design because it relies on the iterative cycle of listening, building, and deploying. In Scrum, for example, everything revolves around user stories and the fundamental component … Continued

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What flavor is your Agile?

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Some people refer to the various tools, processes, methods, and approaches to agile as flavors of agile. To us, they are quite a bit more complex and nuanced than simply flavors. Like choosing the right tools for the job, we strive to use the most appropriate approach and methodology for the task and environment. Kanban. For example, … Continued

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Prism Kite Technology

What is modernized, mobile, agile, and lean? Russia’s defense.

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When it comes to the right way of doing (agile) software development versus the proven wrong way of (waterfall) software development, we often hear the terms: Strategic Modern Mobile Agile Lean Unconventional So, it was somewhat surprising and interesting when I noticed these words in a CNN article regarding Russia and its Department of Defense. … Continued

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Best Government Websites:

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The government website for the state of Arkansas took User Centered Design (UCD) to another level with its Best of the Web award winning website.  This is what I like about They clearly identified and segmented their target audiences: Parents & Families, Citizens, Business Owners, State Employees They created a modern, visually pleasing, aesthetic … Continued

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Government websites are not known for their beauty, style, or elegance.  But demonstrates that government websites do not have to look dull, boring, and ugly.  On the contrary, the Alabama website is quite the opposite – just like it’s tagline: Be Bold. Government websites have strict standards that most commercial websites are not constrained … Continued

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Air Force recruiting

Best Government Websites & Designs

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WASHINGTON, DC – Government websites are not known for their beautiful design.  Unlike many commercial websites, government agency websites must comply with things like Section 508, accessibility, old web browsers, and slow internet connections.  These compliance issues often take a toll on aesthetic design and style.  Moreover, government agencies are not driven by the same … Continued

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Agile Development, Washington DC, GSA Schedule 70

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First and foremost, we are an agile development company. This means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but to us this means: Client driven prioritization and periodic reprioritization of our work Absolute transparency of our activities, progress, and obstacles Early and frequent user involvement to steer the user experience Early … Continued


Drupal developer in Washington DC with GSA Schedule 70

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WASHINGTON DC DRUPAL DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, Agileana proudly presents its portfolio of past performance projects that involved Drupal: These are only a few of our recent Drupal project, others include: USAspending George Mason MR University Fulbright Scholar Program English Language Program FHI 360 Education Policy and Data Center Administrative Conference of the United States District of … Continued

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time in a box

Agile Development: The Importance of Timeboxing

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When agile teams plan sprints, they strive to get as much information about the user stories as possible so they can minimize interruptions and downtime throughout that sprint. So, it is helpful to have shorter (one-week) sprints rather than longer (three-week) sprints. It is important to have done a good job of story-time and backlog … Continued

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WordPress is still the most popular CMS 13 years later

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WASHINGTON, DC – As a web development agency in the Washington DC metro area, we get a ton of Requests for Proposals (RFPs) from government agencies and federally funded nonprofit organizations. While many of them are to support an existing Drupal website, a lot of them are also to convert from Drupal to WordPress or … Continued

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DHS FLASH video response submission

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Earlier this year, the Department of Homeland Security asked agile development companies to put together a YouTube video to explain how they do agile.  Below is Agileana’s response to that call to action:

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a·gi·list /ˈajələst/ noun a·gi·list  Simple Definition of agilist noun a person who supports the agile delivery process and methodology. Full Definition of agilist noun : a person who feels enthusiasm for agile design, agile development, agile delivery, and agile methodology : a person who enjoys getting things done and quickly getting a minimum viable product (MVP) into the hands of … Continued

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18F logo

Agile Development Contract Holder in Washington DC

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WASHINGTON, DC – Agileana, a lean agile web development shop in the DC metro area, is proud to be one of 17 vendors on the 18F Agile Delivery Services (ADS) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA). Long before we migrated to Washington DC area from California, we were a lean, iterative development shop. As lean startup enthusiasts, … Continued

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