Shefali Naik

Shefali is a Technical Project Manager whose primary job is to deliver complex projects in time and under budget. Being a software engineer who has had over a decade of development experience, she brings her technical expertise to the table along with her innate people skills and rich Agile experience.
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Acquia certified site builder drupal 8

How to pass the Acquia Drupal 8 Site Builder exam

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This summer has been great so far. I got the chance to vacation with my parents and family in New York and DC. I also had the absolute pleasure of seeing my 5year old son ride a bike on his own. And oh yes, I cleared the Drupal 8 Site Builder exam. Why attempt this certification, … Continued

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How to setup billing threshold alerts on AWS?

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A common concern for a lot of clients using AWS as their hosting solution provider, is the variable invoices they get each month. Most organization appropriate fixed budget for hosting and this may impact their planning adversely. Keeping an eye on the budget manually is both cumbersome and prone to human error. So is their … Continued

What the heck is Scrumban?

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Scrumban is the happy marriage of Scrum and Kanban Agile methodologies. It sprang up with the need to cater to changing priorities of clients while maintaining the frequency of quality production releases. For the uninitiated, here’s a synopsis of what Scrum and Kanban is: Scrum is the Agile methodology that encourages faster delivery of self … Continued

apache solr logo

Intelligent searching using Apache Solr

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Have you ever misspelt your search term in Google but Google suggests you the right term anyways? I know I have been in that situation, many a times. Wouldn’t you love your Apache Solr to disregard the spelling mistakes and search for the right term anyway too? That would be cool, isn’t it? Here’s how … Continued

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