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Creating Bootstrap columns in Drupal panels with mixins

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In terms of Front-End Drupal gives you several ways to achieve your goals, you can use Views, Panels, Display Suite, Templates overrides, Custom modules, etc., so sometimes it’s a bit difficult to define the best (or the worst) way to do something. A couple of years ago, we created a theme for a Drupal 7 … Continued

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Alternative notifications for Entityforms in Drupal 7

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Entityform already offers a way to send notifications: by integrating with Rules module you can configure your notifications for administrators or other recipients, some of those may be inputs in the form itself, so this is perfect for most of cases, ah and if you need to migrate the form from one environment to another … Continued

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Create an email forwarder in Google Groups – the right way

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Google Groups is a great tool because it allows you to have discussions inside your organization (or with the entire world, if you want). It works as a sort of forum, accessible through a URL, where people can go and check the discussion topics and post their replies — they can reply over email as well. From time to time … Continued

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SendGrid, an alternative to Mandrill to send messages from your website

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  As you may already know, Mandrill changed radically some time ago, now you need to have a paid subscription on Mailchimp to be able use the transactional message delivery service a.k.a. Mandrill, and you will need to pay for that component as well, so it can be complex and at the same time a bit … Continued

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Github vs Bitbucker for version control. Subversion is dead.

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Development companies must control the changes to the code, we can not afford to have developers overwriting “by accident” other works and of course many people can be working at the same time in the same project, the discussion about if using Git or Subversion is over, Git has shown to be ahead from Subversion, … Continued

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No junk mail sign on a door

Dealing with SPAM on Drupal

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SPAMMERS are becoming more and more sophisticated, recently we had to support a client’s website protected with Mollom, although Mollom does a good job, it’s not enough, we found there were already a great amount of these annoying messages, we found that even reCaptcha module challenges already set were bypassed by robots, in any case … Continued


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CKEditor open source license for Drupal projects

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CKEditor has an open source version that can be used in Drupal (check version). These are the license details: CKEditor is distributed under the GPL, LGPL and MPL Open Source licenses. This triple copyleft licensing model is flexible and allows you to choose the license that is best suited for your needs. http://ckeditor.com/about/license However, please notice that by default, CKeditor comes … Continued