Technical Architect

Description: Experience serving as the manager of complex technology implementations, with an eye toward constant reengineering and refactoring to ensure the simplest and most elegant system possible to accomplish the desired need.

Understands how to maximally leverage the open source community to deploy systems on infrastructure as a service providers. Comfortable with liberally sharing knowledge across a multi-disciplinary team and working within agile methodologies. A full partner in the determination of vision, objectives, and success criteria.

Primarily responsible for:

  • Architecting the overall system, by using prototyping and proof of concepts, which may include:
    • modern programming languages (e.g., Ruby, Python, Node.js) and web frameworks (e.g., Django, Rails)
    • modern front-end web programming techniques (e.g., HTML5, CSS3, RESTful APIs) and frameworks (e.g., Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery)
    • relational databases (e.g., PostgreSQL), and “NoSQL” databases (e.g., Cassandra, MongoDB)
    • automated configuration management (e.g., Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Salt), continuous integration/deployment, and continuous monitoring solutions
  • Use of version control systems, specifically Git and GitHub
  • Ensuring strategic alignment of technical design and architecture to meet business growth and direction, and stay on top of emerging technologies
  • Decomposing business and system architecture to support clean-interface multi-team development
  • Developing product roadmaps, backlogs, and measurable success criteria, and writing user stories (i.e., can establish a path to delivery for breaking down stories)
  • Clearly communicates and works with stakeholders at every level