Interaction Designer

Description: The Interaction Designer / User Researcher / Usability Tester is part of a highly collaborative, multi-disciplinary team focused on improving usability, user experience, and driving user adoption and engagement. They are responsible for conducting user research, analysis & synthesis, persona development, interaction design, and usability testing to create products that delight our customers.

Primarily responsible for:

  • Conduct stakeholder interviews, user requirements analysis, task analysis, conceptual modeling, information architecture, interaction design, and usability testing
  • Design and specify user interfaces and information architecture
  • Lead participatory and iterative design activities, including observational┬ástudies, customer interviews, usability testing, and other forms of requirements discovery
  • Produce user requirements specifications & experience goals, personas, storyboards, scenarios, flowcharts, design prototypes, and design specifications
  • Effectively communicate research findings, conceptual ideas, detailed design, and design rationale and goals both verbally and visually
  • Plan and facilitate collaborative critiques and analysis & synthesis working sessions
  • Work closely with visual designers and development teams to ensure that customer goals are met and design specifications are delivered upon
  • Designs and develops primarily internet/web pages and applications
  • Develops proof-of-concepts and prototypes of easy-to-navigate user interfaces (UIs) that consists of web pages with graphics, icons, and color schemes that are visually appealing
  • Researches user needs as well as potential system enhancements
  • Has familiarity to, or may actually: code, test, debug documents, and implement web applications using a variety of platforms
  • Planning, recruiting, and facilitating the usability testing of a system
  • Analyzing and synthesizing the results of usability testing in order to provide recommendations for change to a system
  • May create such artifacts as Usability Testing Plan, Testing Scripts, and Usability
  • Testing Report