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Summer Hackathon Day Five: Most Popular SEO Analysis Tools

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Herndon, Virginia; Summer Internship Hackathon Day Four: We started off the day with another daily stand-up. After catching up on how all of the teams were doing, we broke off into our separate teams again. Pranav and I worked on finding more companies that produced competing SEO tools to SEOQ and writing up our research on … Continued

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Should I call it News or Blog? What’s the difference?

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Question: I know what a blog is but worry my clients won’t get it. Would “news” be better? But that doesn’t convey to me what blog does. News/blog? What should we label the button to the page with all those things we publish? Answer: The purpose of this thing (blog, news, whatever) is to drive traffic to … Continued

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WordPress as a Service easy to rank on Google

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In February 2015, we launched one of our first WordPress websites using WordPress as a Service platform.  It was for a dentist in Herndon Virginia.  As you can see, the website traffic that this Herndon Dentist is enjoying is starting to look exciting. WordPress makes it super easy to rank on Google The most important rule … Continued

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How to use WordPress for SEO

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Headings help with your SEO WordPress is an SEO machine and one of the favorite tools for a search-savvy, seo-savvy webmaster or content manager.  Search engines look at these five basic elements on a web page to determine relevancy between somebody’s Google search and the pages listed in the search results: Keywords in the headings … Continued


WordPress tags are low-hanging fruit for SEO

WordPress tags are low-hanging fruit for SEO

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At inQbation, we obsess over 3 things: Satisfying customer expectations Getting found on Google (SEO) WordPress design and development One of my favorite subjects are “How to use WordPress for SEO” to get found on Google.  In my opinion, tags are one of your best friends if you love WordPress and search engine optimization. Quick … Continued

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