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The importance of hotfix and release candidate branches in the Git workflow

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In government contracts, staging and production servers are usually managed by a different team, which is very challenging when your code works well in development servers but doesn’t work properly in those other servers – you basically don’t have control nor visibility over what is happening behind scenes. In those scenarios, it is really important … Continued

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Git best practices: Commands to create and merge main and supporting branches

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I recently published an article about Git standards to prevent code conflicts. Down below are all the Git commands you need to know to follow those standards. This is highly recommended when you collaborate with other teams that are not in your company, or when your team is not always collocated. We use those standards daily, and they … Continued

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Git best practices: How to minimize code conflicts

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Code conflicts suck, any developer knows how painful it is to pull changes from a Git repository just to discover that she will need to invest another hour working on solving conflicts caused by the work of another developer in the same file. Probably, she will end doing a pair review with the other developer to ensure that … Continued

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