Whether you are looking for a professional utility billing company or submetering installation company, StudebakerSubmetering, Inc. (SSI) has the experience and commitment to meet your needs.

SSI is a full service utility submetering company, headquartered right outside of Washington, DC, that provides superior customer service to the residents of the apartment communities we serve as well as continued support to the on-site property management staff. We also provide our commercial clients the opportunity to charge residents for their actual consumption instead of Common Area Maintenance (CAM) charges. We recognize the importance of monthly utility invoices that are accurate and sent on time.

In addition, we offer turnkey installation services for water, natural gas and electric submeters. At SSI, we understand the needs of our clients with regard to increased property values. The meters we install and utility submetering communication systems we use are installed and maintained by our own trained technicians.

This is why SSI is leading the utility submetering industry. For more information on how SSI can provide the utility submetering system or billing program that meets your needs, please contact us or simply fill out the information request form.

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