We build custom professional racing simulators. We also offer innovative training system all racing drivers whose aim is to learn how to track and improve their riding skills using the best functional simulation technology. We also offer lease simulator for corporate events, team building, events, exhibitions and presentations.

Our company Motorsport Simulator has been established to create simulators for professional race drivers and teams but also for amateur race drivers who can use our simulator to lower the costs of training on real world tracks. Simulators are also available for individuals and fans of sim racing who want to achieve the most realistic experience of being a race driver.

We ourselves as fans of motorsports and racing especialy have been into sim racing for more than a decade. As individuals or part of team we received many awards not only in Czech leagues but also in international leagues and championships. So we decided to use all our skills and know-how to create a professional simulator. Our aim is to achieve the most realistic experience that is comparable with a real racing car. Each of the components of our simulator have been tested and comply with our high standards. We are ready to build a simulator according to your specification and desires.

We also provide innovative system for training of race drivers, which aims at improvement in memorizing of each track and also driving skills, with the most advanced simulator technology. If you are insterested in renting our simulator for any of your company events, team buildings, events, expos or presentations, we’re ready for that to.

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