Founded in 1997, HEPdata’s sole mission has always been to help fundraisers increase donor engagement through better data.

We have been in the fundraising data industry from its inception, when hard copy alumni directories were the only research tools available. Since then, we’ve evolved into a tech-driven, data-science company to better serve our clients in an age where data changes fast and potential donors change employers more frequently than ever before.

We pioneered the first electronic matching gift database in the industry — GiftPlus® — which made it easier for fundraisers to identify and promote matching gifts to donors. We also developed the first employment append solution in the industry as well as next level wealth identification and tracking.

Today, we offer our clients this deep industry experience and the most comprehensive and powerful suite of fundraising, wealth tracking, and matching gift data insight tools on the market. We are eager to put our proprietary fundraising and donation solutions to work for you.

Put simply, partnering with us can help you raise more money by unlocking the opportunity that already exists within your data.

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