First envisioned in 1998, the Exchange Network is a proven communication, data, and services platform for sharing environmental information to foster informed decision-making, managed under the collaborative leadership of EPA, States, Territories, and Tribes.

We believe that access to services, tools, and reliable, translatable data will empower better environmental decisions and improved environmental outcomes.

The Exchange Network makes data sharing easier, leading to better decision-making.

States, Territories, Tribes, and EPA exchange large quantities of data about the environment. This information helps policymakers, interest groups, and the public understand environmental problems, make informed decisions, and follow regulations.

Before the Exchange Network was created, there were problems with the exchange of this information. Incompatible computer systems, manual data entry, and non-identical data structures were just some of the difficulties faced by agencies sharing environmental information. These issues made it hard to access and use environmental data, and made sharing information very inefficient.

That’s why the Exchange Network exists. It provides a way to share data in a standardized, open format, make data exchange more efficient and less costly. The Network empowers Partners to overcome the hurdles to effective data exchange so they can make better decisions–faster.

Environmental managers are more effective when they can efficiently access data. They are more likely to make timely decisions in critical situations and be better able to respond to environmental emergencies in meaningful ways. The Exchange Network makes environmental data more accessible to everyone, and that helps environmental agencies do their jobs better….and when they do their jobs better, the environment benefits.

The Exchange Network offers a better way to share environmental data, an arrangement that leads to better outcomes for government agencies, citizens, and the environment.

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