Agile web maintenance

Designing, developing, and deploying a website is just the beginning.  Once a website is launched; it continues to need management, maintenance, upkeep, accessibility compliance, content cultivation, and search engine optimization.  It’s like maintaining your lawn and garden.

Actually, it’s more like maintaining a precision engineered machine.  The more custom, complex and functional your website – the more likely it will require periodic and ongoing maintenance.

Agileana provides ongoing, long- and short-term technical website maintenance, web mastering, search engine optimization (SEO), Section 508 compliance, and web content management.  We have expertise in Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, PHP, Python, JavaScript and most open source technologies.

Agile Web Maintenance using Kanban

We leverage an agile web development framework along with Kanban, which is an ideal system for maintaining websites and aligning expectations.  Your ongoing list of issues, bugs, tickets, and tasks goes into a product backlog and we help you perform backlog grooming on a regular basis (monthly, quarterly, annually).  Then, we perform a series of sprints which includes a sprint planning session, the sprint itself, daily stand-ups, sprint review and a sprint retrospective.

The sprint planning session is when we study the product backlog and prioritize based on the business value that it would provide or the magnitude of the problem it would solve.  As a team, we would discuss the user stories and deliberate on the weight of the story, i.e., whether it seems to be an easy task, hard task, or somewhere in the middle.  Based on our past sprint velocity and burn rate, we would decide how much of your product backlog and user stories we could probably get done in a given sprint.  Then, we would commit to delivering those user stories.

Most of our sprints last about a week but sometimes we’ll do one or two day sprints. The cost is predictable and if you participate in the daily stand-ups, you will always be in sync with the status.