What You Need to Know About Drupal 7 End of Life

Drupal support ends in:


5 Things you need to know:

  1. D7 goes away in November of 2023, D8 has already reached end of life. D7 and D8 sites must move to D9 if they want to stay with Drupal
  2. Moving to D9 is not the only (or best) option
  3. Migrating out of D7 could be expensive and time-consuming
  4. Organizations running D7 need to take action NOW
  5. The closer we get to end of life, the more problems D7 sites will have

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Agileana has assisted the following organizations with Drupal migrations and website operation and maintenance.

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Listen to our Podcast on Drupal 7 End of Life:

Listen to a conversation with the Drupal Association CTO Tim Lehnen about the challenges and benefits of a Drupal 7 migration. This conversation is a part of our series on D7 end of life. To learn more, listen to the rest of the episodes.

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