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How to change the number of posts per page in WordPress admin area

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This is an easy trick to change the number of posts per page that are displayed in the Posts administration module of WordPress. Once logged into the administration area of WordPress, go to Posts. You will find a tab called “Screen Options” in the top right of that screen. Click on that tab. The “Screen Options” … Continued

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Five Little-known Features in WordPress to Make Managing Your Site Easier

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WASHINGTON, DC – WordPress Experts If you have a WordPress-powered website, you probably login to the backend Dashboard every day to perform recurring tasks. Well, there are probably a few things you’re not aware of, or might not be completely familiar with. Hopefully this blog post will show you how to manage your WordPress website … Continued

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How to add a target _blank on a WordPress menu item

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The new features of WordPress 3.x are great and allow us to customize the websites and manage the content flexibly. The Menus module is one of those wonderful features, but by default, it doesn’t allow to specify some attributes of the  menu items, like the “target”. In my opinion, the WordPress administration area design is … Continued

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