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Unconfirmed WordPress Security Flaw in the Wild

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Normally we wouldn’t publish any warnings regarding unconfirmed security vulnerabilities. But this particular security issue has a credible source and possible consequences that makes it important to reflect over.   The short story: At the moment all versions of WordPress are subject to this vulnerability, and there is still no update released that will protect … Continued

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Network Solutions – WordPress hosting down and slow

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If anybody out there is using Network Solutions for your hosting and if your website is powered by WordPress, then you have probably been experiencing some problems this week.  On Tuesday and Wednesday, many of the websites hosted by Network Solutions were completely dark.  When they came up on Thursday, they were running really slow. … Continued

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WordPress Security Tips To Prevent Hacking

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I’ve been a full-time blogger for seven years. During those seven years I’ve had my blogs hacked twice. It was an absolute nightmare of sorts! I sincerely hope you’ve never been hacked, but it is important to have preventative measures in place to keep it from happening to you. Some helpful tips to help ensure … Continued

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