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How to Select the Right Plugins for your WordPress Website

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WASHINGTON DC – WordPress Developer When you’re setting up your site, finding a lot of neat plugins that add cool new functionality to your WordPress website can be fun and exciting. However, there are so many interesting plugins out there that it can be easy to go overboard installing things you may not actually need. … Continued

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WordPress Security Tips To Prevent Hacking

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I’ve been a full-time blogger for seven years. During those seven years I’ve had my blogs hacked twice. It was an absolute nightmare of sorts! I sincerely hope you’ve never been hacked, but it is important to have preventative measures in place to keep it from happening to you. Some helpful tips to help ensure … Continued

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The Linus Group: Life science and biotechnology marketing

The Linus Group: Life science and biotechnology marketing

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Washington DC WordPress Developer inQbation is thrilled to announce the launch of TheLinusGroup.com, an Emeryville, California Science Marketing Agency.  While most firms contact inQbation for its web design talent and usability skills, The Linus Group contracted with inQbation for its WordPress development skills and expertise. In this particular case, inQbation worked with Zack, The Linus … Continued

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